Patanjali Mantra

 (Translation in english according to: )                   


  • Yogena cittasya, padena vacam

Through yoga the citta, through grammar the language

  • Malam sarirasya ca vaidyakena

Through medicine the physical body

  • Yo´pakaro tam pravaram muninam 

Who among those sages handed this over

  •  Patanjalim Pranjalir anato´smi

 i respectfully bow to Patanjali


  • Abahu Purushakaram

 The upper body of human shape carrying

  • sankhacakrasi dharinam

a mussel horn (original tone) , a discus (infinity) and a sword (power of differentiation)

  • sahasra sirasam svetam

  having 1000 bright heads

  • pranamami Patanjalim

  i bow to Patanjali

  • Aum



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