About me

There are times, where i see me and my life as a synthesis of loud noises, messy blots and clumsy steps.

There are times, where i know that the boundaries between laud noises and notes, messy blots and creations, clumsy steps and steady walking path, are just conventions, waiting from me to be transcended by me.

Yoga practice challenges my own sterile mindsets;  teaches ´flexibility `within the Mind, so that i can shift my viewpoints and feel free to reinvent myself  ;  teaches strength,  so that i can regularly admit that i know nothing, at least nothing from what i thought i did.

It teaches silence, so that i can tune into the subtle frequencies and rhythmic breath of all beings.

Well, i feel a student in all i do and i do hope to remain so.

I thank ALL who consciously or unconsciously became my teachers and mostly those who practice with me. I do hope i can convey to the maximum the beauty  i receive.



olga tzikouli



beauty remains





Selection of online sources for self study and inspiration :

http://www.ashtangayoga.info, http://www.briancooper.eu, http://www.andreasloh.com, http://www.yoganiketan.net

PS: My `conventional´ education+teaching cv, for the part of me and those of You who need it,  is available on request.