Ashtanga Yoga – Classes

cardwithoutstarting again on the 21th of september!


Introduction Beginners: Led class

For those who are not familiar with the Ashtanga Yoga method.
The focus will be on the quality of the breath, its synchronization with the movement and on the alignment of the posture-asana.

Mysore: self-practice. All levels

It is a method of one to one teaching within the group, which allows the practitioners to develop and grow their praxis following nobody and nothing but their own breath and rhythm. You will be supported in the learning of the Postures-asanas and the sequence and be directed through individual adjustments into deepening your practice. The practitioner takes the responsibility to build an autonomous praxis.This system of learning stimulates self confidence and awareness. Due to the nature of this method of teaching, you can arrive for your praxis at any time between the opening time and 80 minutes before the closing time of your class. Beginners are very welcome.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Introduction Beginners
A:  8:00 – 11:00 (arrival till 9:50)
B: 15:30-17:30  (arrival  till 16:20)

Location : Introduction Beginners:

VHS Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. Frankfurter Allee 34-37

Dates, Registration and Payment through the VHS Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg,+Frankfurter+Allee+37,+10247+Berlin

Locations : Mysore: 

A:  at  ì  Landsberger Allee 61. (1 Hof /1 floor),+10249+Berlin

B: ?  at…still looking for a room….in Kreuzberg ( stay in touch)

Prices with registration per 8  continuous classes .That is how it works:

You can join the classes in any location you prefer each time. However you would need to book 8  continuous classes stating the date of your first class. Holiday weeks would be excluded from your block.

8 Classes: 80€                   Drop in: 15€



You could pay cash before the beginning of your first class, or by bank transfer .The details will be sent to you after your registration.Just send me an email stating the date of your first class.


PS: Due to the fact that i am in the process of developing my computer management skills, it is very possible

that the contact form does not work..Then the easiest version: email:


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